Lies and Betrayals

Storm Triptych 1 from the Katrina Paintings by David Bates
Storm Triptych 1  by David Bates


Unlike the hero’s journey, which typically begins with a call to adventure, the heroine’s journey often begins with  disillusionment or betrayal.  Betrayal, a devastating experience regardless of age or sophistication, can destabilize one’s entire life and world view.  Yet nearly everyone has experienced betrayal,  and betrayal, lies, and deceit, and our response to them, are central to many heroine journeys.   In this workshop we explore personal, cultural, political, familial, medical, environmental, and other forms of lies and betrayals and their role in losing, recovering and defining integrity and the soul.  Using excerpts from literature, film, and visual arts, this guided interactive workshop will help participants to explore their own creative and personal journeys around crimes of the heart.

The workshop includes a drawing and writing component and is designed for writers and non-writers who want to better understand how lies and betrayals shape experience and how understanding and perspective can be transformed through writing about them.

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