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Comment from Niki:

Hello and thank you for the information here! well, is it possible for a protagonist to go through both journeys after all? Thank you in advance! I’m thinking of a script following this idea for Scott Myer’s zero draft 30 challenge

Response:  Yes, and yes.  Often times the first part of the Heroine’s Journey appears to be a hero’s journey.  Check out the recent posts on Wholeness and Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker for an explanation of this.  Also,  sometimes the story has a heroine’s journey arc while a protagonist has a failed or successful hero’s journey arc.  And sometimes characters within a story have different arcs.  Heroine Journeys Project team member Savannah Jackson is working on a post describing a story in which the characters are simultaneously undertaking different journeys.  So stay tuned, and thanks for your comment.

Comment from Jen:

Thank you for creating this goldmine of nuggets, it resonates so loudly and will be an invaluable tool for me and my clients. I am in the process of creating a healing program and this information will be very helpful in aiding me with the structuring.

I am interested in any workshops or online seminars that you have in the offing.

Response:  We don’t have any in-person or online workshops planned for the fall.  This fall we are concentrating on putting up some new blog posts to delve more deeply into the stages of the heroine’s journey and looking at what the heroine’s journey might look like for an organization or social movement. We are also planning our spring programming which might includes some workshops.  Let us know what topics in particular you are interested in and we’ll include that in our discussions!

Comment from Katie: Hi, I love your site. I’m writing a Middle Grade novel at the moment with a female protagonist and want to learn more about the heroine’s journey. Do you have a newsletter I can sign up to? Many thanks.

Response:  We do not have a newsletter (yet!). Right now we are putting up new content as blog posts, and trying to come up with a regular schedule which seems to be what most of our readers/followers/visitors want most.  However,  I know a lot of Middle Grade writers and will ask them for some suggestions of works that we might blog about as heroine’s journeys.   Do you have any suggestions?  Or any book that you think might be a heroine’s journey but aren’t sure about?  I am particularly interested in middle grade biographies about women that might present their lives as heroine journeys rather than as the conventional (and sometimes overly simplistic) hero’s journey.





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